Hay, Straw, and Forage

We carefully manage roughly 65 acres
in high quality hay and forage.

Our Hayfields are managed as a perennial sod, without herbicide or pesticide sprays. Careful applications of lime, appropriate fertilizer, and harvest timing ensure a high-nutrition dry grass and alfalfa hay, in square and round bales, sought after by our customers in New York, Vermont, and Massachusetts.

We also produce square-baled wheat, oat, and virgin rye straw. Our oat and wheat straw has been through our combine and is grown with only organic inputs. Our rye is harvested before viable seed set, and grown from untreated seed without herbicides or pesticides.

In 2020, we also began making grass and clover baleage, which allows us to continue the haying season into the autumn and get crops from areas which would not be harvestable as dry hay.

Hay and Forage prices and availability vary, so please contact us for more information.