About Us and Our Farm

     We are the Ross Family, and have owned Hickory Wind Farm since 2000, When Annie and Randy Ross purchased the 25-acre former dairy farm in Center Cambridge, Washington County, New York. Our family (Annie, Randy, Matthew, Bonnie, and Kristoffer) moved here in April of 2006, from our previous, smaller farm in Ulster County.
     We initially ran Hickory Wind Farm solely as a horse farm, but Matthew began managing and haying our own fields in 2009. He shortly thereafter started to reclaim the neighboring fallow lands west of our road back into production, as he also developed his off-farm craft of farrier services. As of 2021, we have approximately 65 acres in hay, mainly managed by Annie and Matthew.
     After several years doing only backyard-quantity maple sugaring, In 2014 Randy re-erected the maple sugar house we had disassembled and brought with us from Ulster County, and we all returned to a farm-scale maple syrup with 200-300 taps annually. In 2016 we became regular vendors at Cambridge Valley Farmers Market, selling Pure Maple Syrup and traditional arts, metal- and wood-work each Sunday.
     In 2020, dovetailing with the opportunity to lease more land from our neighbors Susan Sullivan and Steven Sanford, Kristoffer and Matthew began growing sustainable heritage grains on approximately 10 acres. Currently we grow and process Turkey Red Winter Wheat, Hull-Less Oats, and Popcorn for human consumption, as well as Rye, Oats, Buckwheat, and Wheat for livestock feeds, straw, or cover crops.